The Chapel Montville

The Chapel Montville Wedding

Tasmyn & Tom

Guest Numbers


Length of engagement

2.5 years

Must haves?

Tissues! It’s such an emotional day!

Notes from the lovers


What did you love most about the chapel Montville?

As soon as we had a private visit of the chapel, we both fell in love. So much that Tom put it on his Instagram story and I had to ask him to delete it (haha). The Chapel is so unique, calming and beautiful. Inside is beautiful hand carved wooden animals, geode crystals in the wall, vines carved climbing up the roof. The attention to detail and workmanship that has gone into the venue is mind blowing. It felt intimate but spacious at the same time and was perfect.

Photographer: Tay and Francis

Stylist: Berry Vintage

Florist: DIY by the bride and family

Celebrant: Friend

Ceremony venue: The Chapel Montville

Reception venue: Bride & grooms home

Catering: Farmer Browns Pizzas

Cake: Family
Tipi: Sperry Tents Sunshine Coast

Kombi Photo booth: Insta Kombi

Port-a-loo toilet: Classy Loos Sunshine Coast
Bridal gown designer: ZALEN - by San Patrick

Bridal Boutique: Luv Bridal

Shoes: Billini (DEMI)

Accessories: Lovisa

Hair: hairspiration

Makeup: dolly may makeup artist

Bridesmaid dresses: Model Chic

Brides Bag: Olgaberg
Suits & Shoes: Connor

Tie: Trend him


tips for the planning process? and deciding to have a tipi style reception

we loved the planning process. I personally had so much fun! I think because we gave ourselves heaps of time to plan it made it fun to look around, compare prices, find different businesses and vendors and change our minds on things. We didn’t feel the pressure of having to make quick decisions and could save more money for the things we really wanted. I downloaded the Manage My Wedding app and found it so useful! I bought a planner and wrote down all my ideas and created a Pinterest board!

We used Sperry Tents Sunshine Coast, they were so amazing! At the beginning of the planning I was looking around at venues and so many had particular rules, guidelines and budgets. Tom and I thought to avoid any of the ‘rules’ to have it on our private property in our huge backyard. We were able to decorate however, be as loud as we wanted, stay up as late as we wanted, plan how we wanted and just do whatever we really wanted. We felt that was more us. Using a tipi made it feel more like a venue than just people standing in a yard. It was perfect!


Tell us about reading your vows privately after the ceremony

We didn’t do our personal vows in front of our guests during the ceremony, we actually read them to each other privately afterwards. We both were so nervous at the thought of reading private vows in front of 90 guests. I guess we knew that we would be so nervous and wouldn’t truely take in what the other was saying. So we did the formalities, then once they were done had a drink, let the nerves calm and went and exchanged vows with only our photographers witnessing. It was so intimate, beautiful and heartfelt. The entire day is spent around family and friends so it was perfect to have 10 minutes to bask in our love and take it all in.


A Fun story from the day?

Check the ring box! Silly me had my engagement ring in one box and the wedding bands in another. Without checking the boxes, I gave my engagement ring to my Mother-In-Law to take to the ceremony instead of the wedding bands (haha). But that’s okay, I just took the wedding bands with me :) They got there in the end. If that was the worst thing to happen all day, that’s a pretty perfect day if you ask me.

My advice to couples: don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day you get to marry your best friend, soul mate, life partner. As I like to say, “Burn the good candle.”