secrets on the lake wedding

Secrets on the Lake wedding

Bri & Luke

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My advice would be don't take everything too seriously. Yes it's your wedding but don't let it consume everything you do, otherwise the planning will start feel like a chore rather than your wedding.

Notes from the lovers


what did you love about your secrets on the lake wedding?

THE LOCATION!! Seeing our original Hawaii wedding couldn't happen Luke and I both knew we wanted our wedding with that same Garden Island feel. The Island of Kauai is covered in rainforest, mountains and surrounded by water. Secrets gave us all three with the gardens, the rainforest backdrop and the lake.

Also the fact that our whole wedding party could stay with us on site was a bonus too.


how did you find the planning process?

I actually really enjoyed the planning process. Don’t get me wrong it was very overwhelming at times but I found the best way to accomplish everything was to literally write every "job" that needed to be done on a post it note and stick them all to a board or something where i could see them all. I wrote out everything from all the big items like venue, florist, celebrant etc right down to send invites, pack wedding dress, make wedding playlist. That way once a task or job was done I got the satisfaction of ripping that piece of paper off the board and throwing it in the trash.

Photographer: Coconut Photography

Stylist & Planner: Maple weddings

Florist: Fiesta Flora

Celebrant: sommer saunder celebrancy

Bride & Grooms's Accommodation: Secrets on the Lake

venue & Catering: Secrets on the Lake

Cake: Donut Kitchen - individual filled donuts

Stationery: Etsy and printed at prints of love

Bridal gown designer: Rue De Seine

Bridal Boutique: Still White

Veil & Shoes: Wish

Accessories: Louisa

Makeup: Shima & Gloss

Bridesmaid dresses: Billy J Boutique
Suits & Shoes: YD

Tie: Connor


Your wedding style..

I always knew I wanted an earthy toned wedding, Luke and I didn't want "wedding colours" or a "wedding theme" but instead we wanted to create a wedding vibe and really represent us.

I actually found my dress online from a website called Still White. It's basically gumtree but for wedding dresses. Most of the dresses are second hand, only worn once or are sample sale dresses. I lucked out and found a dress by Rue De Seine from a Sydney bride whose wedding was unfortunately canceled due to Covid. Her dress had never been worn or altered and at half price I snatched that baby up real quick. It’s a great website and great option for bride's on a budget. Payment is really great too so you actually pay Still White rather than the seller, once your dress has arrived and you are happy with it then your payment it released to the seller so it feels a bit more secure then just such an important dress online.

I bought my shoes from Wish. I knew I wanted metallic boots (bit of a retro/70's vibe without being tacky) and the only website I could find any was Wish. They were having a sale so the boots came to $35 total so I figured if they suck at least i'm only loosing $35. THEY TURNED OUT PERFECT!!! I was so impressed by the quality and they are one of the comfiest pairs of boots I own.

I also got my long veil off Wish too...(the only reason I wanted a veil was for that swishy, whimsical photo most brides get). Again wish were having a sale so I ordered a 3m veil attached to a comb for $12. We added the top layer to the veil which was a great grandmothers veil from 1960 so it had some extra detail.

The bridesmaids dresses were from Billy J boutique and cost $60. I told my bridesmaids from the start seeing they have to buy their outfits, that they could choose whatever dress/outfit they wanted as long as it was in our wedding colours. I wanted them all different in different colours, styles etc. I wanted my bridesmaids to look like themselves, not identical clones standing next to me. We found those dresses and they worked perfectly.

Luke took FOREVER to pick out his stupid suit!!! honestly….BOYS!!

He went looking at a few shops but just couldn't find what he was looking for. I went with him the next time he went shopping and he went into YD as a last resort. He put on a jacket and pants and fell in love with it. He said it was nothing like he was actually looking for but he said it was the first time he tried something on and felt like himself in a suit....not going to lie on the rack it looked very questionable, I wasn't sure it would look any good with the pants he has chosen, but he proved me wrong and it was perfect!


words of advice for other couples? And must haves for the day?

Advice - Don't take the day too seriously. Honestly at the end of the day it's just a wedding, yes it's important but don't put too much emphasis on every little detail "needs to go right today". If you do, you spend your day stressed and your day will fly by and you won't enjoy any part of it.

If it rains, who cares. Ask your photographer to do a sexy, love me in the rain photo shoot with your partner. If your Aunty Rhonda shows up with her new lover Katut unexpectedly, who cares.

Must haves - TEQUILA! we are big tequila family so that was a must.
We jokingly call my great aunty and uncle “Aunty and Uncle Tequila” because every family event they always have some sort of tequila. Not just any tequila though, it's always some amazing quality, expensive, top of the line tequila. They bought us a bottle of Milagro Tequila for our engagement party in 2019. The Thursday before our wedding I said to Luke that we should bring the tequila because it would be a good excuse to open it. Then as I was packing our bags I came out and said to Luke it would be hilarious if we did a seal the deal shot before our first kiss as husband and wife. So we packed it and two glasses that came from my grandads house and used those as our shot glasses and we did our shot.

Other must haves - A killer playlist for the whole wedding. having separate playlists for getting ready, guests arriving, bridal photos, reception really sets the vibe for the whole day.

Lastly Luke and I anything else was just a bonus.


in your opinion, what was the most important supplier you booked?

An amazing celebrant, without them there literally is no wedding and a good photographer.

your celebrant should be able to tell your story not just pronounce you husband and wife. They need to be able to set the mood for your guests, to be able to create emotion and laughs when needed. 150% would recommend Sommer Saunders her behind the scenes work in incredible. She got both Luke and I to fill out a questionnaire separately and privately so that on the day she could tell our story from both our points of view.

As far as photographers go whether you are getting married as a big fancy venue or just your backyard and good photographer will be able to make any backdrop/location look a million bucks! spend the money and get someone who you feel comfortable with and someone who understands your style. Same as buying a car, not all car makers are the same. you cant walk into Toyota and ask for a Tesla. So when you're looking for a photographer you can't book someone who specialises in capturing bright, fresh looking, crisp photos by the beach to do a sunset, warm toned, boho style photos and expect amazing quality. The best tool for finding a great photographer was instagram. you can get a real idea of their style and how the photos are edited!