Real wedding feature

Cowbell creek elopement

Ellie & Matt

Guest Numbers


Length of engagement

almost 2 years


farm style elopement

One take-away from the day?

It really does go fast! I would almost set a time to mini-meditate here and there and take a breath in order to take it all in. I also wish we had a videographer. It wouldn't have to be a paid gig – even just task a mate with taking video vs photos. I do wish we had more footage to look back on

Notes from the lovers


Tell us about your decision to elope ?

I always wanted a bigger wedding but when we actually got engaged and became the centre of attention for friends and family, I didn't like it! I really wanted to just be alone with matt more often. It's a tricky one as people often think you don't want them there, and that it's about who they are, but it was more about us – I didn't like feeling watched or on display. I knew that if we had 'viewers' I wouldn't be myself and I'd try to deflect and diffuse my discomfort – and end up making way too many awkward-turtle jokes.

Photographer: Nevermist Photography

Florist: DIY stocked from tugan fruit and flowers

Celebrant & Picnic set up: the little wedding wagon

Bride’s & Groom's Accommodation: Air BNB
Ceremony & Reception venue: Cowbell Creek

Catering/food truck: Parma Street Food
Bridal gownr: Temperly London

Rings: Handmade by the couple at Artisans Bespoke Jewellers workshop

Accessories: Concrete Jellyfish co

Hair: Lasorella Salon

Makeup: alysha maree makeup

Bridesmaid dresses: Sheik / Forever New

Jacket & Tie: MJ Bale

Shirt, pants and shoes: Politix


what drew you to choose a less traditional wedding style ?

I've always loved details and textures and I studied design so I certainly appreciated the work that went into this⁠ – from hand painted silks to sequins. I wanted to be sure I didn't want to wear white first though so I did try some other gowns on. In the end, while I'm not scared of commitment (we've been together nearly 10 years) something about a white dress was far too scary and 'real'⁠ – the colour just didn't feel right. I also didn't want to be paying so much for something that was one colour and one very obvious purpose. I plan to frame this dress so it becomes a two-for-one ... wedding dress and an amazing artwork.


must have's for the day ?

Comfortable shoes, lip balm, a bouquet (you just feel so extra) and a jacket – there is no point powering through if you're cold. If you can throw in some farm animals that is also a must!


Funny moments from the day ?

I made myself laugh way too hard in our vows because I threw in a quote from The Office. Beyond that, while it wasn't laughter as such we both couldn't stop smiling at the animals and just the day in general. Animals were just such a fun bonus.