Elegant tiffany's wedding

Adam & Emma

Guest Numbers


Length of engagement

14 months



On the day advice?

The day is all about the two of you and all about love. So, if you find yourself feeling rushed or overwhelmed, reach out for your partner's hand, look each other in the eye and just smile at how awesome your wedding day is!

Notes from the lovers


How did you find the planning process?

We wanted to spend as much time as possible enjoying being a newly engaged couple, as it is such a special time in life. We are both very different people but agreed early on what was important to us, how much money we were comfortable spending and how we wanted to feel on the day. From there, the planning process flowed even though we had no idea what we were doing. There was a lot of compromising and lots of reliance on advice from our vendors, and family and friends.
Our tips for couples planning a wedding now is to remember to have fun during the planning process and find the little moments that make you both excited for your wedding day. It can feel overwhelming with everything that you need to do, so start early, listen and trust each other’s opinions and don’t be afraid to ask your friends for advice to get different views if you’re stuck. Remember there’s no perfect wedding, don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s and if you are stressed - book a dinner with your best friends to help you chill out and get some perspective. We also watched hundreds of YouTube wedding videos for inspiration, much to Adam’s frustration!

Photographer: Ingrid Coles Photography

Cinematographer: Blue Vale Films

Florist: Tiffany’s Flowers

Celebrant and Mc: Weddings with a Twist

Bride’s Accommodation: Magnolia Maleny

Groom’s Accommodation: Maleny Orchard
venue & Catering: weddings at Tiffanys

Cake: Weddings at Tiffany’s

Entertainment: Matty Boi

Dancers: the dancing man chris vitnell

DJ: Djs2You
Bridal gown designer: MXM Couture

Shoes: Jo Mercer

bridesmaid earrings Izoa

Hair: Evalyn Parson Weddings

Makeup: Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry

Bridesmaid dresses: Bec + Bridge
Suit: Ermenegildo Zegna

Bow tie: Wil Valor

Cufflinks: Hugo Boss

Groom Shoes: Florsheim


Must haves for the day and advice for future couples?

We had an ambitious list of must-haves for the day! We were committed to remembering to pause throughout the day, take it all in and congratulate ourselves on a killer job well done! We wanted everyone to have a great time, enjoy good food, great music and laugh lots. We wanted everyone to relax and have a good time. It was important to us that our friends and family, whether physically there or live streaming from around the world, knew how grateful we were to have them on our special day.

[our advice is] Invest in vendors that you have a connection with and trust. In the lead up to your big day, be clear on what’s important to you and how you envisioned each vendor contributing to your day. We felt incredibly blessed that every vendor went above and beyond for us, made us feel special and spent the day joking around and laughing with us. We felt like they were part of the guest list, just with special talents, and we couldn’t have been happier with everything.


Tell us about your reception dress change!

I loved my wedding dress and felt incredible wearing it. However, Adam and I decided that the dance floor was a huge part of the vibe of the night and I needed something that I could move in. I was initially planning on wearing a plain white dress, but two weeks before the wedding I found a sparkly jumpsuit from Winona. With the thumbs up from Adam, I decided to just go for it!


And about the dancing waiters & your first dance!

In early 2020, we visited the Brisbane Bridal Show and watched the dancing man perform. Chris Vitnell and his team of dancing waiters were outstanding, with so much energy and the most majestic pirouette ending we’ve ever seen. At our reception, the dancing waiters were incredible and started their performance just after our first dance. It was an awesome surprise for the audience!

We wanted to do something special to celebrate our engagement and so we decided we wanted to learn how to dance. As two hideous dancers, we agreed we had some work to do and needed professional assistance. Kylie from Wedding Dance Diva was the best. In the lead up to the wedding, we had a weekly lesson and it was so much fun. It was the highlight of our week, despite our enthusiasm being higher than our skill level. [On the night] we completely stuffed up our wedding dance. We had practised what felt like a million times, so we didn’t stop to do a quick rehearsal outside before the big performance. What a mistake! Nat King Cole’s L.O.V.E started to play and we were off to a flying start. About thirty seconds in, Adam looks at me and laughs saying, ‘I can’t remember what’s next’, with the same look of panic on my face, I said ‘neither do I’! It was hilarious. We managed to sway around and for the last section of the dance, we somehow pieced it back together in time for the lift and the swirl! Haha, We could not stop laughing!