Branell Homestead cocktail wedding

Teagan & Jack

One take away?

Don’t stress the small things, easier said then done I know. there’s always something that doesn’t go to plan, But at the end of it all, what could really ruin your day when you just married your bestie/ soulmate? It will be your own kind of perfect no matter what!

Notes from the lovers


Tell us about your wedding style!

We always wanted a vintage, boho styled wedding that was relaxed and fun, and I think we really achieved that goal of ours. I always wanted a lace dress with finer details, but when i went dress shopping I choose A dress nothing like what I wanted, Until I explained to the lady in the bridal store what I was after, it was my 5th dress I tried on and I knew it was the one. With jacks suit he was always set on having a 3 piece tailored suit, and as for the colour, I always knew he wasn’t going to want a basic colour, So when I found a photo similar to what he went with, he loved it and made it happen.

Photographer: Ivory & Rose Photography

Cinematographer: red doors studio

Florist: vintage lovers brisbane

Celebrant: David Webber

Accommodation: branell homestead

Catering: family friend

Cake: cakes by rach

Wedding favours: antique glasses collected from op shops and vintage stores.

Bridal gown designer: arietta Australia

Bridal Boutique: angelic bridal

Shoes: bared footwear

Accessories: jadeoi studio

Hair: hair by Mikaylah

Makeup: Jessica peacock makeup

Bridesmaid dresses: shieke

Bridesmaid shoes: novo

Groom's Suit: institchu
Groomsmen's suits: YD

Groom & Groomsmen's Shoes: YD


Must haves for the day?

Our musts were to have a good venue, great photographer, videographer and celebrant. These things were important to us because at the end of the day the only thing you get to keep are the memories of that day, and a photographer and videographer are a great way to keep those memories, especially because during the day things happen so fast that looking back on the photos or videos you see things you forgot even happened. And well, you can’t have a good wedding with a boring celebrant haha, and David bought our love story to life and had everyone laughing.


Tell us about having a cocktail style reception

Jack and I always wanted a cocktail wedding, we aren’t very formal And really just wanted everyone to have a good time and be comfortable to mingle with others, rather than to be restricted to one seat the whole night. So if you are a chilled laid back couple I would 100% recommend this. Having a boho pop up picnic section for the younger generation was a super cute vibe, and then I did accommodate to the older generation by having proper tables and chairs as well.


Standout moments?

In true jack and teagan form, we had a mini argument during our vows. Jack thought he’d try and be cute by writing the years, months and days we’ve been together for, but I couldn’t help myself and correct him and laugh because he got the years wrong. Everyone laughed knowing that was just such an "us" thing to do, and then literally get back to being In love. Jack being jack was adamant that he was correct, and not until later on when we were getting our photos done did he admit that he was wrong.
Our other stand out moment of the day was when our best man rewrote the jack and Dianne song, and changed it to jack and teagan. He change all the words to fit our love story, and it was the best and worst thing I’ve ever heard. I couldn’t have loved it more if I tried. he’s been singing little parts of that song to us since we were 17, And it just meant so much that he finally finished rewriting the whole thing, and the crowd absolutely loved it!