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Dan Ford Celebrant

Where are you based?

In a beautiful hinterland town called Cooroy

How long have you been in business?

This is my 4th year as a celebrant

in one sentence, what is it that you do?

I officiate wedding ceremonies, leaning into each couples unique story to unsure the fun, and feels within matches their personalities.

About Dan Ford Celebrant...

Dan Ford Wedding Celebrant



When did your interest/passion become your business?

Do you remember your first gig?

I MC'd my nephews wedding! His photographer (no names) was artfully ignoring the run sheet, getting those last 'sunset shots'. I could hear peoples stomachs rumbling, combined with 3 hours previous of unlimited alcohol, it was getting a little untidy. Stepping back up to the mic, i made a crack about the photographer being able to afford a bazillion dollars on camera gear, but not owning a watch. Then I suggested everyone make their next drink a water and to eat their bread rolls because we had a kick ass band starting at 9, and any early scratching's would regret it. This worked remarkably well. My sister-in-law, a florist and wedding planner later told me that I have a unique skill. A natural public speaker with an agreeable vibe was the gist. She then said these exact words..."You should become a Celebrant."

I married Audrey & Julian (Still married and cooler than ever). Friends of the family, and they got what they paid for....My hand holding the ceremony shook like a leaf until the Bride laughed, loud and luxuriously at something in their couples story and that put me at ease (and it still does to this day). Being my first rodeo, I assumed we just wrote everything in by hand then and there (I found a templated system so the couple just sign the legals soon after). We sat at the singing table for about 10 minutes, all three of us scratching our details in nervously as the guest's looked on , puzzled.



A standout part of the job ?

Driving home after the ceremony, dressed up, music cranking and snapshots of the couple and hi lights from the day buzzing around. Good times!

I love experiencing the different formats a wedding takes. Whether it's in held a backyard on hay bales, or Hinterland Hamptons sheik with hundreds of guests. The thing that drives me is the connection that weddings bring. Experiencing butterflies getting ready, catch up backslaps and smiles on everyones faces for the thrill and honour of celebrating a union that is unique and beautiful. Sounds corny but being in that environment most weekends fills me up, and that keeps my business moving forward.

Dan ford Marriage Celebrant

About Dan...


If you were a drink, what would you be?

Two fingers of Ratu signature blend rum liqueur aged 5 - 10 years (a Fiji'an rum filtered through coconut shell carbon), poured slowly over a large , spherical ice cube in a highball glass. Sip it slooooooowly. A Velvet mouth feel of coconut, chocolate and spiced oak followed by a lingering fresh citrus finish: (bottle notes). Try stopping at one... good luck !

if you had a whole week free, where would we find you ?

Hiking, swimming and surfing by day, massages, seafood and cocktails underneath swaying palm trees with the wife in-between. Anywhere in the tropics with all of that ;)

hinterland or sea?


Alaska. I listened to an amazing audiobook titled: 'The great Alone' recently set there. It's beyond amazing! Being a nature doccos's household as well, Alaska's harshness, coupled with her abundant wildlife and untamed beauty seem like a frontier worth peeking into. Not in the 'dark months' though....

What's one bit of advice you'd give couples beginning

their planning journey?

Ask a wedding professional you hit it off with... "Hey, do you know a really great: (Insert wedding profession here)......?"

Where can we go to learn more?

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