Where your accommodation is located is so important! The last thing you want to be doing is losing valuable time for photos and with your loved ones to driving around!
Be sure to pick a location that is close to your partner as well as close to your venue.

If there is one thing many couples overlook, it’s the aesthetic of their prep space. Don’t be fooled, this will absolutely play a role in how your morning feels as well as how your final images look! If you opt for that dark, dated hotel room, your wedding images are going to be filled with all those worn curtains and less than ideal furniture choices. Now that’s not to say hotel’s are not the way to go, some can be beautiful, modern and accommodating. Who doesn’t love the ease of catered meals! It simply means do your homework. Stalk those accomodation images and be sure you love what you’re getting!


Another key here is light. Big open spaces that offer light that suits your aesthetic. If you are wanting images that are a little edgier, giving you shadows and moody lighting, be sure to keep this in the back of your mind when looking at accommodation. You may want somewhere with a darker colour palette or interesting styling to really give your images and morning an alternative vibe. Or if you are a lover of crisp, clean and modern, accomodation with beautiful styling and ample window light are going to be your best friend!

Don’t forget about the outside of your accommodation! This can be one of the best areas to utilise when getting those portraits after everyone is dressed and ready. This is where Airbnb’s have the advantage over more conventional accommodation. You have the entire space to yourself! That means heading outside for some portraits doesn’t mean giving up your privacy.

Wedding Night

More times than not, one of your prep locations will be the very place you head back to after the wedding celebrations end for the evening. This will be your very first night as a married couple, relax in comfort and style by choosing a space that’s a little bit extra. You may even find somewhere you can have a private, late night swim or where you can snuggle by a fire and chat about how dang awesome it feels that it’s all official!

Bonus Tip!

If you’re not or can't have a honeymoon right after your wedding. Why not choose a space that would also serve as the perfect mini vacay retreat post wedding!?

Have we got you a little more excited about creating your ultimate prep location? Keep that vibe going and check out some of our fav accommodation spaces in the region!

White Pavilion, Maleny

The Lodge, Noosa Heads

Logwoods Homestead, Eudlo

Noa by the Beach, Noosa

Vacay Co, Mooloolaba

Soul Beach House, Alexandra Headland

Loea, Maroochydore